Catholics - 1973
Character:   Father Kinsella
This film has also been distributed under the title "Conflict".
Martin Sheen's Comments...
Sunday Herald Advertiser, November 25, 1973
Sheen measured this role in terms of his craft.
"I find a role more difficult when I pull a trigger and shoot someone's head off," said Sheen, a frequent guest star this television season in action drama. "I fear people believe it."
"But when a writer comes along with a good script like this one, I have absolutely no problem at all. It's not hard for me to interpret what a good writer writes; it's what they write that is difficult. I wish I could write like that.
"Having been raised a Catholic, however, I do not believe Catholicism will ever change to the religion depicted in this fable of the future. It can never come to a point where the Mass is considered merely a pious ritual."
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