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Los Angeles, April 2, 2003
Martin Sheen at Peace Vigil

Martin Sheen listens to a speech at a peace vigil in LA, April 2. Photo courtesy of L. Mayberry.

Martin Sheen among other peace activists, April 2. Photo courtesy of L. Mayberry.


Report on this event from From NineMSN, Australia


14:05 AEST Thu 3 Apr 2003
Sheen leads anti-war protest

AFP - Actor Martin Sheen led a group of female anti-war protesters in LA carrying blood-stained children's clothing and grim pictures of Iraqi women and children.

About 300 people were on hand to demonstrate outside US federal government offices and about 15 were arrested for blocking access to the facilities, witnesses said.

With peace songs in the air, Sheen, 62, -- who plays a US president on the NBC television series "The West Wing" -- filed past the federal building carrying a cross.

Sheen has been active in anti-war protests in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and prior to the war in Iraq appeared in television commercials urging viewers to try to stop the war.


Los Angeles, March 26, 2003
Martin Sheen at peace march

Martin Sheen prays
Wed Mar 26, 1:41 PM ET

Actor Martin Sheen prays during a prayer vigil for peace and the safe return of U.S. soldiers at the Federal Building in Los Angeles, Wednesday, March 26, 2003. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Martin Sheen with cross, Los Angeles, Wednesday, March 26, 2003.
Wed Mar 26, 1:39 PM ET

Actor Martin Sheen carries a cross as he marches in a procession around the Federal Building in Los Angeles during a prayer vigil for peace, Wednesday, March 26, 2003. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)


A report on this event from NBC4.TV News in LA...

Martin Sheen Joins Antiwar March

Three Individuals Arrested

Actor Martin Sheen joined an antiwar group Wednesday for a march through downtown Los Angeles.

Martin Sheen Protest 3 26 03Sheen did not make a statement during the vigil. During the march he had duct tape over his mouth with the word "peace" on it. In addition, he carried a cross.

Members of different faiths took part in the march.


Three members of the march were arrested. 

Information was not available on whether Sheen was partaking in the group's fast.

The group plans to meet every Wednesday for a prayer vigil and one-day fast for the duration of the war.

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