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Sheen for Dean 1/26/2004
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Martin Sheen speaks for Dean
Guest Writer Howard Thomas

Sunday evening, over four hundred Dean supporters braved sub-zero temperatures to hear Martin Sheen stump for the Governor in Bartlett, NH. Locals said that never in their life had they seen this remote stretch of Route 16 packed with cars like it was tonight. As always, the Dean People and a host of volunteers were out in force. The event was truly amazing.

Martin talked about why he was supporting Governor Dean because he was the only Democrat with the courage to stand up against the Iraq war; he was able to provide health care coverage for the people of Vermont; through grassroots organizing, he has engaged more people in the democratic process than anyone in recent memory; because he stands up for what's right even when it may not be popular to do so.

He talked about a man who told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and in the process inspired a new generation of young people to get involved in politics.

A woman in the audience asked Martin why he thought some within the Democratic Party establishment are actively working against Howard Dean. Martin's response summed it up beautifully: Governor Dean has proven there's a difference between Democrats and Republicans again. The crowd roared with applause. Martin talked about a return from whence we came; that this party will once again be the party of FDR, of Harry Truman, of John F Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter.

His answer reminded me why I'm working for Governor Dean. I, like many other people, got involved in this campaign because I'm sick of the Democratic Party not standing up for Democratic Party values. I'm sick of Democrats writing a blank check for Bush. As Martin said, Governor Dean is the first major Democrat to stand up for our values in a long, long time. Dean succeeds because he has energized the base of this party like no one else before him, the same base which stayed home every election day because our candidates were in a race to see who could sound more like the Republican. Howard Dean has started a grassroots revolution that will be felt for years to come.

Howard Thomas interns with Dean For America in Carroll County.

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