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Martin Sheen Acts for Social Justice

Mr. Sheen's work takes many forms, but it is always heartfelt.  I first became aware of his activism when he spoke out against drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  His very eloquent letter is here.  He actively supports many social and environmental causes, including the Office of the Americas and the Preda Foundation and just as actively denounces nuclear proliferation, war in the Middle East, and the operation of the School of the Americas.

Martin Sheen with Fathers Michael Kennedy and Gregory J. Boyle

Above:  Martin Sheen admires Fathers Kennedy and Boyle because "they serve God by serving the people, particularly the poor, the imigrants and disenfranchised."  From "In Style" magazine, March, 2002.

Arrested at Vandenberg AFB, from "People", February, 2001

Living under the influence of his own demanding moral principles, Martin Sheen takes the consequences for expressing his beliefs. 

Martin Sheen and Father Shay Cullen

Martin Sheen supports the work of the Preda Foundation to highlight the conditions of the homeless in the Philippines.  Photo copyright the Preda Foundation, Inc.

Protesting the School of the Americas

Martin Sheen, Activist 3

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