Celebrate the Life and Work of Martin Sheen

MSNetwork Planning Survey

If you are a fan, then you have probably wished for the chance to see Martin Sheen in person, snap a picture and perhaps even say a few words to him.  Some very lucky people have done just that and found it to be a wonderful experience.
In an effort to create that type of experience for more people, we are starting a group called MSNetwork.  At this point, the organizers are attempting to plan an event honoring Martin Sheen, with the net financial proceeds to be donated to one of Mr. Sheen's favorite charities.  To be greatly ambitious, we are aiming for a $10,000 donation, funded through ticket sales and auction/raffle proceeds.  
This group will be patterned after another fan group which has had great success, specifically the Patrick Stewart Network.  Fans are able to meet with Mr. Stewart once a year, ask questions and enjoy dinner or brunch. 
Sounds fun, doesn't it?
Preliminary plans for this event are being made right now.  Before presenting Mr. Sheen with our request, we must learn from you if the proposed event is feasible as to time, location, cost and projected participation. 
Please help by clicking on the "Survey" link below and answering a few questions.  The survey results will be key in any decisions made as we move forward.
Your survey results will be completely private, so please complete the form using your real name and valid email address.  Our mailing list will be drawn primarily from the results of the survey, so you don't want to be left out.
At present, the event will be a gala dinner.  It is proposed that Mr. Sheen will speak and take questions.  Following the presentation, coffee and dessert will be served and guests can mingle and chat.  It is our hope that  Martin will remain and greet guests personally.
Raffle and auction items will also be available.
The chosen venue is a centrally located city which allows accessability by fans from both US coasts.  The hotel is close to the city's music and entertainment district so guests can have a truly fun get-a-way.
Your input is key to the success of this venture.

If you do not receive the confirmation screen after completing the survey, please email sheenevent@aol.com 
and we will be happy to take your comments.