Washington, DC - January, 2003
January, 2003...On Location for "Inauguration"
The cast and crew of "The West Wing" came to Washington, DC, in January to film scenes
from President Bartlet's second Inauguration.  Photographer Mike Lynaugh caught up
with some of the stars during the location shoot, got some great photos, and says this about
his experience on location:
I got there around 3:00 PM and, at about 3:30PM, John Spencer walked by us and said "Hi"
and was escorted into the building. About 20 minutes later, Bradley Whitford came out and
hung out with us for a few minutes and let us all get our photos taken with him, or get an
autograph.  It was funny, he signed my photo of us "Bartlett 2004, Bradley Whitford". Soon
after he left, John Spencer came back out and he too let us all have our photos with him or
get an autograph. I had photos taken last year with Martin Sheen, Spencer, and Whitford,
and I had 8x10's with me, and got them all to autograph them for me.
John Spencer looked at the photo of us, and said, "Man, that's a great photo of us...when
did we take it?" and I told him it was last February when they were in town. He autographed
it for me "To Mike, All the Best, John Spencer, 1/03".  He handed it back to me, signed
another autograph for someone, then looked at my photo again, and came up to me and said,
"That really is a great photo of us".  It was cool!
Then Martin Sheen came out. He was great.  He also signed my photo of the two of us from
last year.  It had gone a little pink over the past year, and he said, "Man, it looks like I had
a few too many".
He signed it "Mike, Peace. Martin Sheen 1/24/2003".  He hung out the longest.  He was
posing with people just walking down the street that saw him, and came over.  I even saw him
with a couple taking a photo, then he said, "I think I looked away, go ahead and take another
so you get a good photo of us together".  He was really cool.

Martin Sheen with Fans
All photos this page courtesy of Mike Lynaugh.  See more of his work at mikelynaugh.com.

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