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Gospa - 1995
Character:   Father Jozo Zovko
This film begins with the story of the reported appearances of the Virgin Mary in the Croatian hillside village of Medjugorje.   Since six children first said they saw her there in 1981, more than 20 million pilgrims have visited the site.  The focus then moves from the spiritual side of the story to the efforts of the Yugoslavian communist regime to discourage the pilgrimages and punish a priest held responsible for them.
The priest, a Franciscan named Jozo Zovko (Martin Sheen) was accused of being a "Croatian nationalist, fascist, anti-government and anti-communist," and tortured and imprisoned.   More than 600 Croatian priests, we are told at the end, were killed by Tito's regime in its attempt to stifle religion.   The movie's depiction of Zovko's treatment is stark and effective.
Cast members include:  Morgan Fairchild and Michael York
Next role:    The American President
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