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The Crucible (Stage) - 1991
Character:   John Proctor
This is a revival production of Arthur Miller's play about the Salem witch trials in the late 17th century.   This stage production opened in New York's Belasco Theatre on December 10, 1991, for a limited run.
Sheen was busy on the theatre stage during 1991, also appearing in a benefit performance of "The Odd Couple" on June 23, 1991, as one of the poker players.
Cast members include:  Michael York
Behind the Scenes
Martin Sheen's Interview with "Theater Week"
December 9, 1991
Tony Randall selected 'The Crucible', which he considers an American classic, for his theater company's first production because Martin Sheen wanted to do it.
"Arthur Miller leaped in the air when he heard that Marty Sheen was to play the lead," Randall said. "He felt that the part was written for him."
Of his part, Sheen says, "John Proctor is probably the one character in American literature that is most like me.  I adore him for his humanity, for his short-comings and for his struggle with the truth and his willingness to risk his life.   I love him for that.   I love Arther Miller.   And I should have done this play fifteen years ago and I didn't then, so I must do it now."
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