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Charlie tells Mark about his upcoming nuptials!


Martin plays Charlie's dad on "Spin City."

The Sheens on Spin City!

February 28, 2002

When CHARLIE SHEEN first joined the cast of ABC's "Spin City," the show aired in the same Wednesday night, 9 p.m. timeslot as father MARTIN SHEEN's series, "The West Wing," on another network!

But now that "Spin City" has moved to Tuesday nights at 8:30, Martin will be dropping by the New York Mayor's office, playing ... who else? Charlie's father! The father-and-son show airs March 5. But first, ET's MARK STEINES visited the set for a little two-on-one chat. Do not miss clips from the all new "Spin City," -- only on tonight's ET!

MARK STEINES: Tell me how this came about?

MARTIN SHEEN: I had come by to visit a few months ago, and I was intrigued by how the show was done, and I loved watching [Charlie] work. We have a [mutual] connection in ["West Wing" executive producer] TOMMY SCHLAMME, who directed "Spin City" before he did "West Wing." So they worked it out and here I am.

MARK: Does Martin come and visit you often?

CHARLIE SHEEN: He's been a little too busy. He had been such a fan and supporter of the show, it just made sense [for him to guest-star]. There wasn't any plan when he visited to talk him into doing it, it just happened.

MARK: Will it be a recurring role?

MARTIN: Who knows? It is up to [Charlie].

MARK: Charlie, what do you think?

CHARLIE: We'd be very fortunate to have him back, absolutely.

MARK: Will the shoe go on the other foot, Martin? Is your son going to come on "The West Wing"?

MARTIN: We're talking about it.

MARK: What kind of role do you see him playing? Not a con artist like you are doing here ...

MARTIN: Well, there are a lot of those in "The West Wing"!

MARK: What kind of role do you see yourself doing?

CHARLIE: Secret Service maybe.

MARTIN: Yeah, they haven't been doing too well with me since the assassination attempt!

MARK: Give me the backbone of what this episode is about.

CHARLIE: He plays a con man, a drifter who hasn't really been there for me over the years. He shows up for all the right reasons in his mind, but in my mind they're not. He's making my life at City Hall pretty bad.

MARK: Does having your dad on the set make your own life easier or more complicated?

CHARLIE: Very easy.

MARTIN: It's a lot of fun.

MARK: He hasn't given you line readings or anything?

MARTIN: I tried that with one of the other players and it didn't go down too well!

CHARLIE: It didn't fly.

MARK: Do you still look to him for advice, though?

CHARLIE: Absolutely, yeah.

MARTIN: I should hope not!

CHARLIE: Well, you have all the stage experience, and this is like doing a little play.

MARK: But this is comedy. What Martin does is heavy drama. How's his comedic timing?

CHARLIE: It's pretty good.

MARK: Is it hard to get into that groove?

MARTIN: No. They have a pattern set here, and you know when you're not in that groove. I am amazed they do it all in such a short time. It's like doing a mini-play [every week].

MARK: You turn [an episode] out in five days?


MARTIN: We have eight [days]. We don't have an audience and we have more time to study.

MARK: Does it make you want to do a sitcom someday?

MARTIN: I don't know. I'm developing one now as a producer and I'm learning a lot here.

MARK: Can you tell us what it's about?

CHARLIE: [to Martin] You didn't tell me about this! Am I right for it?

MARTIN: You won't be available for it, anyway.

MARK: See, I can tell there's a chemistry here that is just built-in between you two guys. Do you pull pranks on each other?

CHARLIE: No, we are not pranksters with each other.

MARTIN: We have teamed up in the past occasionally, but no.

MARK: Have you played roles like this before, where you were actually his father?

MARTIN: Yes. A couple of times -- 'Wall Street.'

MARK: Have you really thanked your dad for being your role model, Charlie?

MARTIN: He thanks me every day -- with his life.

MARK: Are you proud?

MARTIN: He is my hero. He is the greatest inspiration I have in my life.

CHARLIE: Thank you.

MARK: You must be proud he's getting married.


MARK: Did you tell him you were going to pop the question beforehand?

CHARLIE: Didn't I?

MARTIN: We kind of knew at Christmas. DENISE [RICHARDS, Charlie's new fiancee] didn't know. It was all we could do to keep our mouths shut!

MARK: Was he a little nervous?

MARTIN: He was a little nervous. Will you confess to that?

CHARLIE: Of course.

MARK: Did the answer come quickly?

CHARLIE: Very. Thank God.

MARK: Was it traditional?

CHARLIE: I don't want to give away too many details, but it was.

MARK: What can you tell me about the wedding?

CHARLIE: I wish I knew more about it myself.

MARK: Are you planning a big event?

CHARLIE: No we are going to keep it pretty intimate. Just family and close friends.

MARK: What kind of role is your father going to play?

CHARLIE: We don't know yet.

MARTIN: ...Park cars!

MARK: Needless to say, Denise is taking the reins [in the wedding planning]?

CHARLIE: To a certain extent.

MARTIN: We hope so!

CHARLIE: I've given her the responsibilities that I think she'll have the most fun with. I'll handle security, the venue and music, but she can do all the fun detail stuff.

MARK: Are you ready for everyone [in the press] wanting to know what's going on on the big day? Are you prepared for helicopters to be flying over your wedding ceremony?


MARK: Martin, how will it be having Denise as a daughter-in-law?

MARTIN: [My wife and I] are looking forward to it. We love the way they respond to each other. We're just thrilled -- she's a very special girl.

MARK: Will you have children soon?

CHARLIE: No. We are going to enjoy each other for a while and then we'll discuss that.

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