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"You all know what I do for a living -- this is what I do to live!" 
                                                                                     ~Martin Sheen

Martin at a protest in Los Angeles against troop deployment to Iraq

With his faith firmly rooted in non-violence, Martin Sheen may be best know for his peace actions, but he supports a myriad of charitable causes and social justice projects, as well as being an outspoken advocate to cure the plight of the homeless.
Please take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with some of Martin's projects, as outlined below...
A Favorite Poem
Let My Country Awake, by Rabindranath Tagore
His Own Thoughts on War
There Can Be No Victory, by Martin Sheen
Learn More About Special Projects...
Furthering the cause of international justice and peace:
Working to save abused and exploited children in the Philippines:  PREDA
Protecting marine wildlife world wide:  Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Breaking the cycle of crime, addiction, mental illness and homelessness:  Options Recovery
Providing health and educational assistance to refugees and others living in extreme poverty in the Third World, particularly in Central America:  The San Carlos Foundation
A nonviolent movement seeking to close the US Army School of the Americas and to change oppressive foreign policy:  School of the Americas Watch


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