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Still on a Learning Curve   February, 2007
The "President" at School   December, 2006
Oldest Fresher in Town   September, 2006
Profile Martin Sheen   Summer, 2006
Keeping the Faith   August, 2006
Sheen Retires to New Role    April, 2006
A Life of Learning    March, 2006
Sheen Speaks at Chaminade    March, 2006 
Malibu Times - Martin Sheen   February, 2006
Speak Truth to Power   June, 2005
Power Player   April, 2005
Like Father, Like Son   March, 2005
Sheen Honored at Marquette  September, 2003
An Unruly Student  September, 2003
The Visa Ad  April, 2003
First A Citizen  March 17, 2003
Absolute Power  February, 2003 
An Act of Faith  January, 2003
Passion and Politics   October, 2002
The Sheens on Spin City!  February, 2002
I Had to Stand for Something   December, 2001
The Sheens Shine Again  July/August, 2000
The Sheen Machine   January, 1991
Sheen Senior   August, 1987
The Serious Movie Star   August, 1980
Poetry - Martin's Favorite Poem
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