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October 6, 2002-New York City
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Anti-War Rally in Central Park

As rumors of approaching conflict grew, activists began to mount their opposition against war with Iraq.
Shown below, Actor Martin Sheen waves to the crowd after speaking during an anti-war rally organized by the activist group, "Not In Our Name" in New York's Central Park on Sunday, October 6, 2002. Sheen, a longtime activist, joined approximately 20,000 supporters of those opposing the Bush administration's heightened call for an invasion and war with Iraq. Ironically, he portrays the President on the hit NBC-TV show, "The West Wing."

Photo copyright Chet Gordon, photographer, 2002.

The Not In Our Name movement was born after September 11 to strengthen and expand resistance to US militarism and war. The key issues that inform the movement are preventing war on the people of the world; stopping the disappearances and vicious attacks on Arab, Muslim and South Asian people in the US and stopping the destruction of civil, legal and political rights, including the very right to dissent, here in the US.

On Sunday October 6th, thousands gathered at Not In Our Name rallies in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle and over a dozen cities around the country, to take a stand against war.


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