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March 9, 2003-A Little Help from a Friend
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Stockard Channing plays First Lady Abigail Bartlet on The West Wing.

Backstage Angst
March 9, 2003

War tensions reigned beneath the glitz and glamour of the SAG awards...

When asked about the fears of being blacklisted for speaking out against the war, Stockard Channing boldly stood up for her West Wing co-star, Martin Sheen.

"He has every right to speak his mind as he has been doing out loud for 20 years," she said. "When we all stop speaking out is when we really have to worry... For the record, Martin's position is not anti any of our troops overseas, but I do think he takes issue with how the president is handling this -- and he has every right to do that."

Since Stockard's played Mrs. President for some time now, I thought I'd ask her what kind of conversation she might have with George W. if she were his First Lady.

Her response? "Probably no conversation because he is a president who doesn't listen to anybody."


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