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There Can Be No Victory

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The Journey Ends
The United States went to war.  As we knew it would all along.
For those who wanted peace, Martin Sheen provided visibility for the cause, giving of himself so that untold thousands would know they were not alone.  That road is indeed less traveled, and even sometimes maligned, but it is worth the effort as we all search for peace in our world.
Reflect on these quotes from Martin Sheen...
"I learned I had to stand for something so I could stand to be me."
"I think that the President should care about all its citizens' opinions, and particularly about matters of war and peace.  There's so much at stake."
"Peacemaking is the greatest need of the world today.  We are the daughters and sons of God, and that means we are called to be peacemakers, whether we like it or not."
"One need not be a scholar of international law to know that war, at this time and in this place, is unwelcome, unwise and simply wrong."
"Lord, make us instruments of your peace."
"War is a reflection of despair and I refuse to accept despair - we are called to be peacemakers."
"My Father, let my country awake!"
There Can Be No Victory
A poem by Martin Sheen...

In order to prepare for war,
You must not be sensitive or poetic or humorous.
You must not be self effacing,
Or reflective, or forgiving.
You must not  be sentimental or compassionate or lighthearted.
On the contrary, to prepare for war,
You must be clear, uncompromising, and confident.
You must look life square in the eye...
And choose death.

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