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Like Father, Like Son
March 1, 2005

When "Extra's" Mark McGrath dropped in on Charlie Sheen at his "Two and a Half Men" set, it turned into a family affair. Charlie walked Mark right over to the Oval Office for a special meeting with the president, his dad Martin.

Mark McGrath: Tell me what it's like working next door to each other on the same lot? That must be amazing. How many yards away are you from this set?

Charlie Sheen: Probably less than 100.

Martin Sheen: This is the first time I've seen him in two years.

Charlie: That's true.

Mark: Any plans to get on each other's shows?

Charlie: You were supposed to come on my show this season. But....

Martin: I lost the part to Sean Penn. Let's be honest about it.

Charlie: That's what happened. And Sean was cheaper. Sorry.

Martin: As far as Charlie playing here, we already have a Charlie, sorry about that.

Charlie: What if I'm an assassin?

Martin: For another guy. Not me.

Mark: Charlie, what was it like growing up with such a famous dad?

Charlie: I made it my life's goal not to be just the son of somebody famous.

Martin: You really are mad.

Charlie: I've told you this. We covered this in therapy.

But growing up, nothing could stop Charlie, not even his father's advice to pass on Charlie' s breakthrough film "Platoon."

Martin: I advised him not to do it.

Mark: Really?

Charlie: Yeah, he did.

Mark: Why?

Martin: I didn't read on the page what was on the screen.

Dad may have missed the mark that time, but he more than made up for it when he put his relationship with Charlie on the line and forced his son to face his drug problem.

Mark: Your father's been your biggest supporter through ups and downs. Has it surprised you with his commitment?

Charlie: You're taking a risk to where the relationship, the friendship, could all be completely undone forever.

Martin: He didn't realize how dangerous it was. When one of your kids is headed toward a cliff you get between them and the cliff and sometimes you fall over together. It was what he would do for me, and what he does now for others.

Mark: If you weren't actors, what do you think you'd envision yourselves doing?

Martin: I would've been a teacher I think.

Mark: It seems like you kind of that now, Martin.

Charlie: Absolutely.



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