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Sheen Gives to Homeless

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Sheen Gives to Homeless

April 6, 2005

The most powerful man in the world, the US President, was in Dublin at the weekend without any of his bodyguards and just Bill Hughes to protect him...

Martin Sheen at Trocadero Restaurant

Iconic actor Martin Sheen, most famous for Apocalypse Now and his son Charlie, took a break from his role as US president in The West Wing to retrace his roots in Ireland.

Actor Martin Sheen

ShowBiz Ireland caught up with Martin after he enjoyed a meal in Trocadero Restaurant with Irish TV producer Bill Hughes.


Sheen and Hughes

As they left, Martin dug deep in his pockets to give money to a homeless man holding a paper cup. Apparently Martin has come to Ireland to retrace his mother's Irish roots and has even hinted that he would like to study philosophy in University in Galway... What a guy!


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