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Original content from The Nenagh Guardian, Tipperary, Ireland.

United States President Joins Roscrea Credit Union

Jed Bartlet, the President of the United States of America in the hit TV smash “The West Wing”, became a member of Roscrea Credit Union on Thursday last in the guise of internationally acclaimed actor Martin Sheen.


Staff of Roscrea Credit Union pictured outside the Credit Union Building with the newest member, Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen, who plays Jed Bartlet the President of the United States of America in the hit TV smash 'The West Wing' became a member of Roscrea Credit Union on Thursday.

Mr Sheen is a first cousin of Liam Phelan, Corville Roscrea. Liam is a Director of Roscrea Credit Union and brought Martin to the Credit Union last week for a visit. Martin one of America's most celebrated and respected actors will take up residency in Ireland in September when he begins a lifetime ambition that involves studying Philosophy and Literature at NUI Galway. It is also expected that he will begin working on a new film project in the area of North Tipperary and by virtue of this he was eligible for Roscrea Credit Union membership.

Speaking on Thursday last, Ray McCarthy CEO of the Credit Union said he was delighted that Martin had taken time out of his busy schedule to visit the Credit Union. He congratulated Martin on his achievements to date, wished him luck with his upcoming studies in Galway and said Martin would be more than welcome back to the Credit Union and to Roscrea at any time.

Brian King gave the film star a tour of the credit union facilities where time was taken to meet all the staff individually as well as any members who happened to be on the premises doing business. Martin commented on how modern the credit union was and said he was completely taken aback by the warmth, kindness and generosity extended to him by both the staff and the members that he greeted on the main floor. Martin was also astounded by the tremendous work the credit union has undertaken in the community over the years, such as the support it extends to local clubs and organisations as well as initiatives it has taken in projects such as Roscrea Swimming Pool and development of the website, etc. Martin said while the bigger credit unions in America might have more financial leverage than credit unions in Ireland.  He said using Roscrea Credit Union as an example there was plenty that credit unions from the United States could learn. A vote of confidence by such a man idolised the world over was another tremendous boost for all associated with Roscrea Credit Union.

On Friday afternoon Martin travelled to the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham where he received his Doctor Of Arts from the National University of Ireland, their highest academic honour. He was described during the ceremony as a man whose courage and vision as a talented actor are complemented by his consistent and meaningful engagement with civil society - his concerns for his country and his role in the wider international community'.

Martin Sheen married Janet Templeton in 1961. They have four children, three boys and one girl all established and well known actors in America including Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Ramon Luis Estevez and Renee Estevez. He announced himself to the world in the classic 1979 film 'Apocalypse Now' starring Marlon Brando amongst others and directed by Francis Ford Coppola famous for the 'Godfather' trilogy. Martin also stared in numerous other television shows and films including 'Wall Street', 'Hot Shots! Part Deux' and 'The American President'. Martin also has a star on the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame in California. It is good to see an established financial and community organisation like Roscrea Credit Union attracting the attention of the stars!

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